Legal vs. Non-Legal DNA Testing

Legal DNA test results are required for clients who need to establish biological relatedness for child support, child custody, birth certificates, probate, immigration, passports or other legal purposes.

Legal relationship tests requires that all tested parties have their DNA samples collected by an unrelated third party with no interest in the testing outcome. Collectors can be medical professionals, solicitors, clergy men, etc. Legal tests also require strict chain of custody be maintained throughout the sample collection and testing process.

Non-Legal DNA tests, also known as peace of mind tests, do not require impartial, unrelated sample collectors or strict chain of custody. Sample collections for non-legal tests can be performed in the comfort of your own home. If your DNA testing needs are for personal knowledge and are not needed for any legal purpose, then a non-legal test is right for you.

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As one of the UK Home Office approved DNA testing centres we also offer a comprehensive range of immigration DNA test services, legal DNA testing, DNA legal services, birth certificate DNA testing, court approved DNA tests including a court admissible paternity test, social services DNA testing and a DNA test for British passport.

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